The Apparition
By Isabelle Grinsell, 5th Class

A long time ago when my great grandad Jim Kavanagh and my great aunt Mary Costigan (nee Kavanagh) were small, the locals of Castlecomer told them a story.

One day the locals of Castlecomer saw an old white two story house where a rich couple lived. This house is called Ballycomey House now.

One dark winter night, they walked past Ballycomey House and saw an apparition of a green fearsome serpent in the window up the stairs.

This same apparition was seen numerous times by other people. Every time someone saw this mysterious apparition, they were terrified and ran away.

The owners of the house, upon hearing of the apparition, decided to call the local priest. When the priest called to the house he banished the apparition down to the river that flowed behind the house.

To this day the locals of Castlecomer would never go down to the river at night because they were afraid the apparition would get them.

If you ever pass by Ballycomey house, make sure to look up at the middle window up the stairs. If you do, you might just get a scare!

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