Nora’s Life in London
By Doireann Byrne, 5th Class

Imagine moving to England all alone at 15 years of age. No-one there to mind you, talk to you or even help you. Well if you’re wondering who would even want to move to England alone at a young age, my great grand aunt Nora did in 1949. Nora was brave to make that choice, anything could’ve happened in a blink of an eye. She was very nervous.

When Nora moved to England it was because her family needed money and her sister lived in England too, but her sister lived in Birmingham and Nora stayed in London.

Nora worked around 5 jobs there. Her first job was learning how to cook. Nora had to learn how to cook because she didn’t finish school. The cookery school was run by nuns. She learned how to cook for 2 years.

Next job was a cook. She went to Harrod’s School for Boys, where King Hussein of Jordan and Winston Churchill went. Nora didn’t teach them, she fed them. She worked there for 2 years too.
After that, she worked for McVities during the day. There was a constant smell of biscuits in the factory and all around the local area.

While Nora worked there they made Queen Elizabeth’s wedding cake. She didn’t make the cake but she remembers all the excitement. All the biscuits were the same as today, just in different wrappers.

During the night she worked at the cinema, operating films. Nora worked at the cinema for around a year. After two jobs per day she would be exhausted. Nora was happy and healthy, and that’s the main thing.

Nora worked for Heinz. She worked in the cafeteria for them.
Next she attended the Queen’s Coronation June 2nd 1953. Nora wasn’t invited to the Coronation. She camped out the night before to get her place on the street. Nora didn’t actually camp there, she just sat on a chair for the whole night.

When Nora had enough money she decided to go home. Nora’s sister came over to say one last goodbye. Nora was very upset, but she pulled herself together. The reason Nora left was to look after her dad, after her mam died. Nora ended up staying there for 20 years. She said she remembers it all and will never forget it.

I think Nora is a great, strong and brave person, she is brilliant.

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