My Dad’s Minor All Ireland 1993
By Amy Buggy, 5th Class

My dad, David Buggy, was four when he started hurling in 1979. He loves hurling because he loves training children, he loves to meet new friends, and to watch matches. He used to train three times a week.

When my dad was eighteen he played in a minor All-Ireland with Kilkenny. It was a sunny day in 1993 and he was shaking in his boots. He believed the whole way through the match that Kilkenny would win the match and he was right. My dad scored one goal and three points but that wasn’t all, he was named Man of the Match and he got interviewed on the tv.

After all that, he went to the homecoming in Kilkenny with the players. When he got back to Castlecomer, he brought the cup to the schools in Castlecomer.

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