Helena’s album ‘Tóraíocht Shonais’ (Pursuit of Happiness) is available on both CD & MP3 now.

‘Tóraíocht Shonais’ is a collection of stories and songs that illustrate the history of Irish emigration to the United States & Canada.

A note from Helena: “With this album, I hope to bring the listener on a journey through the Irish experience of emigration to the New World; the excitement, the tragedy, the hopes and aspirations for a better life.”

‘Tóraíocht Shonais’ includes 8 songs alongside incredible stories of Irish emigration through the ages; emigration during the Great Famine, travelling on the Titanic, the Irish in the Wild West, John F. Kennedy’s visit to Ireland and so much more.

“This album is beautiful piece of craftmanship and will be enjoyed by both the Irish diaspora family and those who simply have a love of Irish music and stories alike” – Travel Ireland Magazine, December 2017

Purchase ‘Tóraíocht Shonais’ today and receive both digital & CD including postage for just €16.


Track List

1. Ireland Then
2. Poverty & the Potato
3. Colcannon (Song)
4. The Great Hunger
5. Michael Considine
6. Spancil Hill (Song)
7 No Irish Need Apply (Song)
8. American Wakes
9. Your Waltz (Song)
10. The Irish in the Wild West
11. Choctaw Donation
12. Is Tú Grá (Song)
13. The Titanic & The Addergoole Fourteen
14. Building America
15. Musical Evolution
16. The Dowie Dens of Yarrow/Wayfaring Stranger (Song)
17. Imperfections (Song)
18. My Father Remembers JFK
19. Ireland Now
20. Fly (Song)


All vocals by Helena Byrne except track 6 by Simon Morgan. John Byrne featured as ‘News Reader’ track 4, ‘Heckler’ in track 7, ‘Joseph Murphy’ in track 10, backing vocals in track 17, himself in track 18. Michael Heavey featured as ‘Charles Trevelyan’ in track 4, ‘Advertiser’ & ‘Announcer’ in track 7, ‘Paul Boyton’ in track 10, ‘Passenger’ in track 13. Margaret Toomey featured as ‘Advertiser’ & ‘Heckler’ in track 7, ‘Nellie Cashman’ in track 10, ‘Annie McGowan’ in track 13. Mark Hewitt featured as ‘Advertiser’ & ‘Heckler’ in track 7, ‘Crew’ in track 13. JFK speeches in track 18 courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Trust.

Track 1 in order of appearance; Louise Flory, Thomas Michael Laramie, Jennifer Crawford Hunt, Stephanie Watts, Michael Brandt, Jacqueline Slattery, Grant Seamonds.

Track 19 in order of appearance; Jörn Rodaebel, Carmen Gómez de Valcárcel, Sylvie Virapin, Łukasz Rygielski, Taysa Maggino, Lynnette Oberholzer, Gabriel Lucas, Anamarija Sinovčić, Tsvetan Kanev, Vipin Tharian, Keen Ching, Maiss, Hachouma Dachich, Ahmed Hasain.

Featured Descendants; Steve Murray in track 4, Patrick Murphy in track 7, Waylon Gary White Deer in track 12, Mary Kapolnek, Maureen Neary, MaryAnn King in track 13, Patrick O’Shaughnessy in track 14, Robert Klenke in track 16.

Piano by Josh Johnston, Cello by Amy Ryan, Fiddle by Cathy McEvoy except in track 20 by Ken Rice, Guitar & Banjo by Bill Shanley, Bodhrán by Rónán Ó Snodaigh.

Photography by Laelia Milleri. Dress by Claire Garvey. Artwork by Jamie Hickey.

Recorded & Mixed by Michael Manning. Mastered by David Montuy.

All tracks arranged & produced by Helena Byrne.

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