My Grandma watching hurling with my great Grandfather
By Beatrice Mealy, 5th Class

When my grandma Mary was a child, she was brought to the hurling matches every seven weeks because she had six siblings. That’s why she went to the hurling matches every seven weeks. When it was my grandma’s week she was so excited she could barely wait. They would ride a bike to the hurling matches any weather. Grandma would sit on the back of the bike and her father would cycle the bike to the matches.

When they got there they would have to sit in the back of the stadium because they didn’t have a lot of money. They had to stand because they did not have a seat. If she got tired of standing she would sit on her fathers feet because they were big. Her father said when she turns sixteen years old he would buy her a sitting stick. But her father died when she was fourteen years old. So she didn’t get the sitting stick. But years later my dad got her a sitting stick.

After the matches, they would ride to the sweet shop. Her father bought three bags of sweets, one for her, one for her mother and one for himself. After getting all the sweets they would cycle home. Grandma would give the bag of sweets to her mother and her mother would be so happy to get the bag of sweets.

After giving the sweets to her mother she would eat all her sweets, and then get into her robe and ready for bed. She had to wait another seven weeks until it was her turn again.

It was nice to listen to my grandma’s story about her and her father. It was very different from my life now. Most people have cars nowadays and don’t cycle as much. Most kids get more sweets nowadays also. I would not like to be a child back then, would you?

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