SCÉAL – ‘A Collection of Irish Folk Tales’ is available in CD & Digital Format.

‘Scéal’, meaning ‘Story’ in the Irish language, is a collection of Helena’s favourite Irish stories and poems, gathered by Helena from various sources, including her own family and neighbours. These stories of Leprechauns and Trooping Fairies, encounters with the ‘Other Folk’ during the festival of Samhain and poems inspired by these magical tales are sure to bring you into the ‘Other World’ and awaken your imagination.

A Note from Helena: “For the past number of years I have been regaling guests with stories of the fairies and other enchanting tales from Irish folklore. Having had many guests ask me to record these stories, I am delighted to share with you this collection of my favourite stories and poems that I’ve been fortunate enough to gather over the years. I look forward to sharing this collection with you and hope that it will bring many hours of wonder and joy to you and yours.”

Purchase ‘Scéal’ today and receive both digital & CD including postage for just €16.


Track List

1. My Grandparent’s Ireland
2. The Fairies
3. Introducing the Leprechaun
4. Sean Fitzgerald & the Leprechaun
5. Introducing the Banshee
6. Michael O’Brien & the Banshee of Graiguenamanagh
7. Introducing the Púca
8. The Piper & the Púca
9. Introducing the Leanan Sídhe
10. My Lagan Love
11. Introducing the Dullahan
12. James Byrne & the Death Coach
13. Ireland & the Supernatural
14. The Card Game
15. Introducing the Trooping Fairies
16. The Hunchbacks of Tipperary
17. When You Are Old


Vocals by Helena Byrne, John Byrne, James Byrne & Mary Byrne
Tin Whistle by Colm O’Snodaigh and Piano by Josh Johnston.
Photography by Laelia Milleri, Dress by Claire Garvey.
Graphic Design by Jamie Hickey.
Recorded at Quiet Cailín Studios and Cauldron Studios.

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