My Dad Sowing the Potatoes
By Kathryn Reason-Connery, 5th Class

When my dad Michael Connery was around my age, he would help his dad sowing the potatoes. My dad’s job was to drive the tractor. The tractor was a Ferguson TE 20. He drove while my grandad and my uncle sat behind him.

Firstly he woke up and got dressed. Then he got breakfast. He would eat cereal and drink tea. After that he helped his father bring the seed potatoes to the tractor. Then he checked the tractor for diesel. He started the tractor and brought it out to the field. Then he started sowing the spuds.

My grandad and my uncle sat on the back dropping the spuds down a pipe so the spuds go under the clay to grow. My dads job was to drive the tractor straight. After a while my granny Catherine would bring out sandwiches and tea.

The type of spuds that he grew were called records. He felt very happy that he got to drive the tractor. Months later he got to harvest the spuds and put them into the shed for winter. When he tasted them they tasted nice and floury. After a long day they all would feel tired.

And now you know what it was like to grow spuds and how my dad grew them.

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