My Dad’s Story
By Andrea Varghese, 6th Class

Today I’ll tell you one of my Dad Manu’s childhood stories about him and his two sisters which ended in laughter.

My Dad grew up in Kerala, India.

This story begins on a heavy, monsoon night with thunder and lightning. My Dad was always scared of lightning. On this particular night, when he was about 7 or 8 years of age, where lightning was bad, my Dad woke up with a fright, seeing the flashes of light outside his bedroom window and the loud, pounding thunder. He was trembling with fear and afraid to sleep on his own, so he decided to go to his sisters’ room, which was next to his.

He sneaked into their room, on his tippy toes. One of his sisters saw someone creeping into their room and thought it was a thief. She was so scared. She then whispered to her other sister and they both sprinted closer to the wall in fear.

By now, my Dad was sitting on the side of their bed. My Dad thought they knew it was him and assumed that they were making space for him. He then climbed into the bed with them. His two sisters let out a scream and the whole house had woken. First, his brother Shajan ran into the room, then Joshi rushed in, then Shibu, followed by his parents, with worried faces!

With everyone gathered in the room, my dad explained that it was only him and there was no thief in the house. Once everyone found out what actually happened, they all burst into laughter.

Thankfully my dad is a lot braver now and he’s not afraid to sleep on his own anymore.

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