My Grandma met the Pope
By Danielle Dowd, 6th Class

On a windy day in 1979, my Grandma Helen Dowd got up, excited for the day ahead. She leaped out of bed and ran down stairs for breakfast. She ate as fast as she could so she could meet her friends down the road to walk to Phoenix Park to see the mass. She got dressed and ran out the house to see her friends waiting outside her gate.

They started walking but it took a long time because the soldiers were blocking the roads so the cars wouldn’t collide as people rushed to see the Pope. They finally arrived in the massive crowd of thousands of people. As the Pope got on stage, thousands of people clapped and cheered, including her.

As he started to say the mass everybody began to go silent. As he was saying the mass she felt very joyful and overwhelmed and a great sense of peace. Then when he finished, he blessed the crowd and everybody blessed themselves.

As they left, they all felt very joyous and glad they went. When she arrived home she told her mother all about it. And went to bed.

She will never forget that day, as it was one of the happiest in her life.

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