Eamonn Wallace, the Best Hurler
By Emily Wallace, 5th Class

Back around the 1960s, my great uncle Eamonn was born. Eamonn was born in a family with his mam, dad and four siblings. They all grew up in the town Castlecomer.

Castlecomer has changed, there was not as many shops back in his day but now there are many shops. Eamonn started hurling around 12 or 13. He liked it a lot. Then Eamonn decided to join Erin’s Own senior team. Eamonn’s Brother Waltie also played hurling.

Eamonn played in midfield. He loved it. Then one day Eamonn made it onto the Kilkenny senior team. Eamonn played many matches with the team. Until the day came Eamonn and his team were going to Croke Park to play against Cork. As Eamonn was standing in the dressing room he was delighted but nervous at the same time. But he knew somewhere in the crowd his family was proud of him and screaming his name loudly and proudly, and he wanted to make them even prouder.

When the time came he took his first step onto the pitch. He heard all the people who came to cheer them on.

The president Mary Robinson came to watch but must first shake everyone’s hand. As she started all Eamonn was thinking oh she is getting closer and closer then she shook Eamonn’s hand. Then the game began. It was a tough game with a lot of sweat but…..THEY WON!!!

Then cheers and screams came from the crowd, Eamonn could not believe it. And that’s the day Eamonn would never forget.

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