‘Saol Eile’, meaning ‘Afterlife’ is a gripping collection of Irish tales of the supernatural. From Haunted Castles and Poltergeists to Guardian Angels and Fairies, Helena delves deep into the captivating world of Irish Ghost Stories and the Irish people’s unique relationship with the Afterlife.

Join Helena on this fascinating journey across the island of Ireland and discover why the Irish still wear the supernatural on their sleeves.

Some stories are on the spooky side.
Parental guidance is advised.

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Track List

1. The Irish & The Supernatural
– Do the Irish believe in ghosts? It appears so. For many generations, the Irish have worn the supernatural on their sleeves.
2. Haunting on Fontenoy Street
– The true story of Lily’s (surname anonymous) experience of being haunted in her house on Fontenoy Street, Dublin.
3. The Fairy Dance
– Do young people die, or have they simply been carried away by the Irish Fairies?
4. Leap Castle Part I
– The O’Carroll Clan of County Offaly & the malignant Elemental Spirit.
5. Leap Castle Part II
– The Castle haunting through world & civil wars to peacetime today.
6. Haunting in Churchtown
– Valerie Hickey’s firsthand account of supernatural activity at her home in Churchtown, Dublin.
7. Irish Death Traditions/Anach Cuan
– The unique, often peculiar traditions surrounding death in Ireland.
8. Huntington Castle
– The many ghostly apparitions of Huntington Castle in County Carlow.
9. The Cooneen Poltergeist
– The frightening story of the an isolated house in County Fermanagh.
10. My Sister’s Guardian Angel
– At 3.01am every night, Catriona Byrne is awoken from her sleep in Athenry, County Galway. One night, this awakening turns out to be a saving grace.
11. My Father & The Supernatural
– Perhaps there are ghosts, but should we really be frightened?

All tracks arranged and produced by Helena Byrne.
Photography by Laelia Milleri.
Dress by Claire Garvey.
Recorded & mixed by Michael Manning.
Mastering by David Montuy.

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