A Spooky Evening
By Liliana Wernicka, 5th Class

When my grandma was 11 years old she had a very spooky experience.

In 1973, near the end of September, my granny called Danuta, lived in the countryside in Poland, in Gacki. It was around 3pm and Danuta was at her house just having a rest when suddenly her parents called her to come downstairs. They told her to go on a walk to some neighbours that lived in the middle of nowhere. They sent her to give a 25th anniversary card, which she didn’t mind because her very good friend lived there so she was pretty excited.

When she left, she walked past a field with a very deep pond. It was said that during WW2, a German soldier rode on a horse in the dark. He was going very fast and couldn’t see where he was going. Then, there ahead of him was the very deep pond and he fell into it and unfortunately drowned. But Danuta wasn’t really scared of it. She safely arrived at the house, gave them the card and stayed at their house for a while with her friend.

As time quickly went by and it was around 5 to 6pm, she was late! So then she started to head home and it was dark. Then she was walking past the field with THAT lake where there was the saying about the WW2 German soldier.

Then she saw it…. THE SOLDIER! Staring into her soul with a very serious face. Danuta wasted no time and ran as fast as she could. And as she was running away, she thought about it. It didn’t make sense…. It was the horse on top of the water at the lake with the soldier on it. But the lake is deep? She was very confused.

After a bit of running she eventually made it to the closest house she saw. She told the people what had happened and they actually believed her, because they said that things like that have happened before at THAT lake. Luckily the people walked her back to her house safely.

Everything was okay, but now… that memory still haunts her every single day for years.

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