Learn about the magical Folklore & Fairylore of Ireland with Irish storyteller & singer, Helena Byrne.

You’ll be given a warm ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’ (a hundred thousand welcomes) into Helena’s home in south Dublin, minutes from the heart of Dublin city to the north, the Wicklow mountains to the south & a stone’s throw from the Irish sea to the east.

The Irish people are renowned for their rich culture & traditions, not least for their folklore, ‘gift of the gab’ & talent for spinning a yarn. Learn how these stories & superstitions were far from simple ‘Fairytales’, but were held with utter belief & respect by Irish people for generations, even impacting the landscape of Ireland to this day.

Join acclaimed Seanchaí (Irish storyteller) & singer Helena Byrne as she awakens your imagination & carries you into the magical ‘Other World’ of Irish folklore with tales of the mysterious Fairy-Folk; from the illusive Trooping Fairies & the frightening Banshee to the infamous Leprechaun & mischievous Pooka. Learn about the Irish people’s relationship with these illusive characters and how the deep respect for this folklore has preserved the hundreds of Fairy Forts & Fairy Trees scattered across the island of Ireland.

This is an interactive experience throughout, with lots of fun activities between stories, including an Irish sing-along, traditional Irish fortune telling games & a fun quiz to see how you’ll fare if you get taken away with the Fairies! Questions are greatly encouraged & Helena is passionate about sharing her knowledge of Irish folklore & history.

So sit back, relax & let this experience carry you back to the fireside in an Ireland of times past.



  • “What age is this experience suitable for?”
    The experience is suitable for adults & older children.
  • “What equipment do I need for the experience?”
    All you need is a good internet connection, access to a web camera & microphone and a free Zoom account.
  • “How long does the experience last?”
    The experience is 60 minutes in length.
  • “How many people can Helena entertain per experience?”
    Helena is delighted to accommodate everything from one household to several households in a group chat.
  • “I don’t live in Ireland. Can I arrange an experience?”
    Yes. Helena will liaise with you to arrange a time of day that is convenient for you wherever you are in the world.
  • “I’d love to gift a performance to loved ones. Can I purchase a Gift Certificate?”
    Absolutely. Helena will email you a personalized Gift Certificate for you to share. Simply purchase the performance below & Helena will be in touch via email.
  • “I have purchased an experience. What happens next?”
    Wonderful. Helena will be in touch with you via email shortly to arrange a time for the performance.
  • Have another question?
    Contact Helena at Helena@HelenaByrne.com

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