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“An Irish storyteller shares the secrets of her trade” – Irish Central talks to Helena about her new album ‘Tóraíocht Shonais’ and the art of storytelling –, January 2018

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“This album is beautiful piece of craftmanship and will be enjoyed by both the Irish diaspora family and those who simply have a love of Irish music and stories alike” – Travel Ireland Magazine’s review of Helena’s new album ‘Tóraíocht Shonais’ – Travel Ireland Magazine, December 2017

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Watch Creative Ireland‘s Promotional video for the Kilkenny Arts Festival, August 2017 featuring Helena.

Helena talks with Janice & Cory of Roundhouse Radio about St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish Diaspora and Irish emmigration to Canada, and the magic of Irish folklore – Roundhouse Radio Vancouver, March 17th 2017

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In the 18th and 19th centuries, seanchaí were traveling storytellers who were welcomed into Irish villages to entertain and bring local news in return for food and a place to sleep. Now seanchaí Helena Byrne said her role as a storyteller is to keep Irish folklore alive – WNPR Connecticut, March 23rd 2017

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Helena chats with Richard Pheneger and Peggy Nelson about St. Patrick’s day, the Irish diaspora, the folklore and superstitions of Ireland, and her upcoming show along the US east coast – Connecticut’s WPKN FM ‘State of the Arts’ Show, March 10th 2017

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Helena Byrne Storyteller

“If you think of an Irish storyteller, a seanchaí, the image that might come to mind is that of a grizzled man wearing a cloth cap sitting in a pub regaling the lads with stories of banshees. What you probably wouldn’t imagine is a lithe and lovely, raven-haired lass with a pixie haircut and a twinkle in her blue eyes, but that is Helena Byrne and she is, indeed, a seanchaí, and she’s coming to the Irish Heritage Society of Milford on Sunday, March 26.” – Connecticut Post Chronicle, March 2017

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‘Dublin Lives’ features Helena’s work and aspirations to keep Ireland’s folklore alive –, February 2017

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Helena’s songs and stories of the Land of the Fairies is listed as one of ten things ‘not to be missed’ while in Ireland –, January 2017

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12Helena talks storytelling, family tradition and the YARN Festival 2016 – Travel Ireland Magazine, November 2016

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“As she wove her tale, you could sense many people of advanced years shedding their age and again becoming wide-eyed children as they listened to what happened to Brian and Art — they were all there with these two hunchbacks, watching the fairies dance around the fairy tree or standing before the Fairy King as he rendered his judgment on Brian’s and Art’s actions, and issuing a collective sigh of relief and satisfaction as Byrne ended her story and they returned from that dark, fairy-filled night in Ireland to a meeting room in Quinnipiac.” – Connecticut Theatre News & Reviews, Sep 2016

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CCIn this two page editorial Helena writes about the making of her album ‘Scéal’ and the unexpected path to her grandfather that it brought her down. – Celtic Canada Magazine, Spring 2016

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13173180_510298199156077_1104475720544165357_o“There is a very unfortunate impression that the art of traditional storytelling is only suited for the juvenile mind, and adults are somehow exempt from its virtues. Byrne, a Kilkenny native… certainly doesn’t feel that way, and “Scéal” states her case for reclaiming storytelling as multi-generational entertainment – and, of course, a way to pass along history and culture.” – Boston Irish Reporter, May 2016

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12747902_483854985133732_7323582895118620453_o “If you don’t get goosebumps when you hear her beautiful voice then you may need to consult a medical professional because chances are, you’re dead inside.” – Travel Ireland Magazine, March 2016

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zHelena talks stories, music and all things Celtic in this three page feature with Celtic Family Magazine – Celtic Family Magazine, Spring Edition 2016

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3“A brand new album from an Irish storyteller bridges the gap between Irish legends and folk music.” – The Irish World Newspaper UK, April 2016

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10409536_487931514726079_3888843540356708625_n“I didn’t want the stories to end, each one was more spellbinding than the last.” – The Celtic Connection Magazine USA, March/April 2016

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4Helena’s interview with The Celtic Guide Magazine USA – April 2016

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logo-KCLRHelena’s interview with John Masterson at KCLR 96 FM – January 2015

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logo-KCLRHelena’s interview with JohnMasterson at KCLR 96 FM – February 2014

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