My Lagan Love

‘My Lagan Love’ from Helena’s album ‘Scéal’ is a beautifully haunting Irish folk song. It mentions the Leanan Sidhe, the Fairy mistress who seeks the love of men, and should they succumb, they slowly waste away.

Listen to ‘My Lagan Love’ performed by Helena, from her new album ‘Scéal’:

‘Scéal’, meaning ‘Story’ in the Irish language, is a collection of Helena’s favourite Irish stories and poems, gathered by Helena from various sources, including her own family and neighbours. These stories of Leprechauns and Trooping Fairies, encounters with the ‘Other Folk’ during the festival of Samhain and poems inspired by these magical tales are sure to bring you into the ‘Other World’ and awaken your imagination.

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Scéal’s 17 tracks include My Lagan Love, Michael O’Brien & the Banshee of Graiguenamanagh, The Piper & the Pooka, James Byrne & the Death Coach, Sean Fitzgerald & the Leprechaun and many, many more.