A Note From Helena“To all those who joined me on ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ East & West US Coast Tour in May 2018, I can’t begin to express my gratitude. Thank you so much.”

Helena’s new album ‘Tóraíocht Shonais’ (Pursuit of Happiness) is out now.

‘Tóraíocht Shonais’ is a collection of stories and songs that illustrate the history of Irish emigration to the United States & Canada.

A note from Helena: “With this album, I hope to bring the listener on a journey through the Irish experience of emigration to the New World; the excitement, the tragedy, the hopes and aspirations for a better life.”

“This album is beautiful piece of craftmanship and will be enjoyed by both the Irish diaspora family and those who simply have a love of Irish music and stories alike” – Travel Ireland Magazine, December 2017

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‘Tóraíocht Shonais’ includes 8 songs alongside incredible stories of Irish emigration through the ages; emigration during the Great Famine, travelling on the Titanic, the Irish in the Wild West, John F. Kennedy’s visit to Ireland and so much more.

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On October 27th and 28th 2017 Helena was given the honor of performing at the Embassy of Ireland in Washington DC, and met with Irish Ambassador to the US Daniel Mulhall.
Photos by Marty Katz and Jörn Rodaebel.

Storyteller Byrne Helena Singer
Storyteller Helena Byrne Singer
Singer Storyteller Helena Byrne
Helena Byrne Singer Storyteller
Helena Byrne Storyteller Singer
Helena Byrne Storyteller Singer Irish Embassy Washington DC Ireland


Helena’s three studio albums ‘Tóraíocht Shonais – Stories & Songs of Irish emigration to the New World’,
‘Scéal – a Collection of Irish Stories, Music & Poetry’ & ‘Ceol – a Collection of Irish Folk Songs are available now in CD format.

“If you don’t get goosebumps when you hear her beautiful voice then you may need to consult a medical professional because chances are, you’re dead inside.” – Travel Ireland Magazine, March 2016

“I didn’t want the stories to end, each one was more spellbinding than the last.” – The Celtic Connection Magazine, March/April 2016


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